Renewable energy best way to fight global warming

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LAHORE –  We should protect the environment by establishing a system that nourishes only on renewable energy sources. No doubt renewable energy contributes a lot to protect the environment. Also, this is the only way to protect our future and our next generation.

Pakistan is amongst the countries that are blessed with huge natural resources, which are necessary for a nation to grow, like rich agricultural land, strong irrigation system, good energy reservoirs, and other energy sources like wind, tide, hydel, etc.

Long hours of sunshine in Pakistan can generate power for off-grid area. Individual units can be installed to meet the energy needs of each house. Facilities and training should be provided to individuals to install solar power systems to meet their own needs. This not only eliminates power shortage but also creates new jobs.

We should make efforts to gradually shift our country from unhealthy fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy and develop science-based solutions for a healthier, safer and more sustainable future. Does it make sense to install a new coal-fired power plant when it comes to addressing sustainable development issues?

There are a lot of benefits of renewable energy . It can combat the climate change because there is no direct emission that results in greenhouse effects. Indirect emissions that arise during equipment manufacturing along with operations and maintenance of these systems are minimal. Everyone knows that emissions from renewable energy sources like solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass are negligible as compared to conventional and non-renewable energy sources. Other benefits of such systems are low installation and operational costs.

Around the world, use of renewable energy is on the rise and alternative energy sources could hold the key to combating climate change.

The writer is a student of BS Accounting &

Finance at the University of Central Punjab.

Burhan Khalid

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